Berzerk Ball

Berzerk Ball is a game in which you have to send a nerd flying across the map and see how far and how high he can go.

First, you need to pick your character. You can choose between four different people and you can unlock three others as you advance in the game. You simply have to click the screen the right moment for choosing the angle of the shot and its power. After that, the nerd will start flying and you get to hit him one more time before he comes to a complete stop. At the end of each round of Berzerk Ball, you will see how many XP points you need for advancing to the next level and a few other statistics. You can go to the inventory page if you want to upgrade your character or equip him with other items. Another thing you can do between levels is visiting the shop. Here you will find some better bats and various items that will help you send the nerd flying. When you're ready, you can click on the again button and try hitting the nerd again. There are many obstacles and power-ups that the nerd can hit during his flight, so try changing his trajectory by tapping the left and right arrow keys.

Berzerk Ball is a fun game, but it will take some time until you will get used to the power and aiming bar. The more you play this game, the easier it will be to hit the nerd, so don't give up during the first few levels.